Student VISA for USA

The primary student visa categories defined by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement are:

  • F-1 STUDENTS: Non-immigrant students pursuing academic courses such as bachelor or master degrees at SEVP-certified
  • M-1 STUDENTS: Non-immigrant students enrolled in vocational programs at SEVP-certified institutions.
  •  J-1 EXCHANGE VISITORS: Non-immigrant students participating in designated exchange visitor programs sponsored by
    educational or non-profit organizations. For J-1 visas, there are 15 distinct categories, covering a range of purposes such as
    research, teaching, and cultural exchange.

Dependents of F, M, and J visa holders have their own visa classifications:

  • F-2 Dependent of an F-1 Student: Spouses and children of F-1 students, with limitations on full-time study and employment.
  • M-2 Dependent of an M-1 Student: Spouses and children of M-1 students, with similar restrictions on study and employment.
  • J-2 Dependent of a J-1 Exchange Visitor: Spouses and unmarried children under 21 of J-1 exchange visitors, with fewer restrictions on study and employment, and the option to apply for work authorization through USCIS.

Applying for Student VISA in USA

The VISA process starts only after you have received your I-20 document from your school.

  • First of all, fill in your DS-160 form at the US Department of state website and then after creating your CGI portal, input your DS-160 confirmation number and pay your VISA fee which is currently at NPR. 24,975. (USD 185)
  • Book your VISA Interview Appointment and pay your sevis fee at least 3 days ahead of your VISA interview.
  • Take all your academic documents and visit the US embassy for your interview.
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