Prepare Visa Documents: After receiving an offer letter, start preparing visa documents and bank loans. If you are considering taking a bank loan to support your studies in New Zealand, it is essential to note that the country accepts bank loan from only 3 specific banks: Nabil Bank, SBI Bank and Standard Chartered Bank.

Medical Examination: Before proceeding for visa lodgment, applicants and their dependents are required to undergo a medical examination.

Apply for Study Visa: After preparing all the necessary visa documents, now you need to apply for visa application with Immigration New Zealand. The applicant will need to pay visa fee at this stage.

Visa Interview: After you apply for study visa, you will be interviewed by Immigration New Zealand via Skype call or What’s app call.

Receive Approval in Principle (AIP): If you match the conditions for the student visa, the Immigration New Zealand will issue a letter offering Approval in Principle (AIP). AIP is a letter received from INZ informing the student visa approved subject to some conditions.

Apply for NOC (No Objection Certificate): Apply for NOC as you will need it to make your tuition fees payment.

Tuition Fee Payment: After getting AIP, students pay their full-year tuition.

Receive your E-Visa: Once all the above prerequisites are met, students will be issued an e-visa to study in New Zealand.

By following these comprehensive steps and providing all necessary documentation, prospective students can navigate the visa submission process for studying in New Zealand with confidence

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