1. Application for Study Permit (form found in IRCC Portal)
  2. Application for Temporary Residence (form found in IRCC Portal)
  3. Family Information (form found in IRCC Portal)
  4. Client Information 
  5. Financial Documents 
  6. Evidence of Work Requirement in study (if Co-op programs)
  7. Letter of Acceptance 
  8. Attestation letter from the respective province as per new rules.(If applicable )
  9. Digital Photo
  10. Passport Copy 
  11. Upfront Medical Test (if Applicable)

Detailed Document Checklist

Client Information 

  1. SOP
  2. All Academic Documents
  3. IELTS
  4. Work Experience/ Internship letter (if any)
  5. Bank Statement/ Pay slips (if any)
  6. Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
  7. Relationship Certificate
  8. Citizenship of all family members included in relationship certificate
  9. Name verification/ Address verification if available

Financial Documents: 

  1. Payment confirmation Receipt from university/ college
  2. SWIFT letter (payment made by the student)
  3. CA Report
  4. Loan Sanction Letter (in case of education loan) (NPR 45 lakhs- NPR 55 lakhs)
  5. Bank Balance certificate (if available)
  6. Bank Statement for the last 6 months
  7. Fixed Deposits
  8. Share and Dividends
  9. Income Verification from Ward
    • If Business Income: Business Registration Certificate, PAN Registration and Audit Report
    • Is Salary Income: Work experience Letter, Bank Statement and Tax Deduction at Source (TDS)
    • If Rental Income: Rental Agreement and Citizenship of tenant
    • If Foreign Income: Valid Visa, Sponsorship Letter, ID Card, Work Experience Letter, Bank Statement or Pay slips
    • Agricultural Income:
    • Pension Income: Pension Book, Pension Statement
  1. Property Valuation (House & Land) either by ward of Civil Engineer along with Landownership Certificate of respective property
  2. Tax Clearance Certificate from Ward
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