GS Document Requirements:

When applying for a student visa in Australia, one of the key requirements is to prove your Genuine Student (GS) requirement. This involves submitting a range of documents that reflect your genuine commitment to studying in Australia and returning to your home country afterward. Below is a comprehensive list of the documents typically required to support your GS application:
  • Academic Documents
  • Passport
  • English Language Proficiency Test Score
  • Work Experience letter/ Internship Letter
  • Resume
  • Equivalency Certificate (if applicable)
  • Statement of purpose (300 words and length)
  • Education Loan documents
  • Bank Balance (Savings)
  • Fixed Deposits
  • Share and Dividends
  • Income Source Documents (Business, Salary, Rent, Foreign Income, Agriculture)
  • Property Valuation
  • Tax Clearance Certificate for the last 3 years
  • TDS of Salary for last 3 years
  • Relationship Certificate
  • Rental Income
  • Name and Address Verification
  • Bank Statement for at least 1 year
  • English translated documents
  • Affidavit of Support
  • Ward Certified Documents (if required)
  • PAN Cards of the parent’s and the applicant’s
  • Other documents as requested by the university

No objection Certificate (NOC) and how to get one?

  • Apply NOC Online through official website of  Ministry of Education
  • If your course is not available, then request for the searched course
  • Wait for verification and visiting date
  • If verified, then visit NOC at Sano thimi, Bhaktapur office on visiting date
  • After verification, pay Rs. 2000 per NOC via Esewa or bank deposit in Rastriya Banijya Bank
  • Download NOC online 

Documents required to request to COE

  • Payment Tuition Deposit Receipt (TD Receipt/ SWIFT receipt)
  • Loan account statement/ bank statement
  • OSHC Certificate/ Insurance Certificate 

Documents Required for Visa Lodgement

  • Online Visa Application Form
  • All the complete documents submitted for your GTE 
  • COE from the University
  • Insurance Certificate
  • SWIFT Receipt
  • Medical Report
  • Biometrics 
  • Visa form 956A 

Additional Documents Required In Case of Dependent 

The following documentation of your spouse is needed for both the university and the Australian High Commission if you are applying with your dependent:

  • All academic documents 
  • Original Passport 
  • Work Experience
  • CV
  • Marriage Certificates 
  • Marriage Photographs/ chat history
  • Income Documents of the in laws
  • Property Valuation of the in laws
  • Relationship certificate from your in laws side
  • SOP
  • Medical Examination
  • 956A form including dependent information
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